im not sure if its really a major PROBLEM or not, but ive noticed i have two personas. my actual self (at home usually by myself + happy), and "myself", which seems more forced and takes a lot more effort (comes into play when i go out into public/interact with people). basically its a more energetic enthusiastic version of myself and its really tiring me out but if i stop im scared ill lose friends/be more "boring" ugh im drained

it’s common to act a certain way around different people, like everyone does that. you wouldn’t act the same way around your sister and girlfriend you know what I’m saying? if it concerns you that you act differently like this try assessing why you act like that, are you nervous? anxious? if it doesn’t really bother you though don’t worry about it :-)


excuse me while I go have sex with people *mimes walking down the stairs behind my couch*


Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word

two teenagers are already camped outside the apple store for the iPhone release holy shit

everytime i feel sad and incomplete, i always jump to the solution of a partner, as if a man will complete me. i know that i should learn to love myself before i love others but i feel like i can't love myself unless someone demonstrates their love for me first. if you know what i mean? all around me i'm told never to rely on someone to bring me happiness/love and create it for myself but idk. what do you think? sorry for the ramble, i saw you were active and wanted to know what you thought..

you don’t need anyone to complete you! you’re your own individual and it’s important to treat yourself like that, and not like an extension of your partner u get me?

the whole “love yourself in order to be loved” is pretty shitty, everyone is deserving of love. this is all just my onion tho

i did! but he's all like "what i can't have friends?" and i'm scared im like smothering him so much he gonna dump my ass D: we got like a whole big argument into it and it's ahhh!!! D:

tell him you’re concerned about how often they talk or alternatively drop it all together. if you find yourself paranoid about it, ask yourself if the relationship is really worth feeling that way all the time

thanks for the advice!!! i'll try working on it also yeah it's cause he's been talking and calling the guy he used to like lately and it's made me kinda a lil nervous and i dont want to smother him or anything :L

call him out on it and tell him it makes you uncomfortable that he still talks to him! use ya words!

*mra notices that diddy kong doesn’t wear pants* objectification goes both ways